Podium P2 Insoles

Custom molded directly to your foot for Unparalled, full length Comfort
Podium P2 Insoles

Podium P2 Insoles

Custom molded directly to your foot for Unparalled, full length Comfort
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Product Detail

The Podium P2 is a softer version of the tried and true P1. It has a lean, streamlined form factor with ergonomically sculpted base dimensions for creating a finished insole that is exceptionally fast, clean and easy to fabricate for the vast majority of foot shapes. Finding the right starting shape for a custom insole has never been more accurate or easy!


Key Product Features
  • User Profile: Athletes with rigid feet looking for friendly accommodative support in sports specific or general footwear.
  • Material Profile: Medium, dual density
  • Fully heat moldable and customizable
  • 11 base platforms, all with correctly proportioned arches and heel cups.
  • Easily posted from hindfoot through forefoot with accessory Cork Add-ons.
  • Custom Curve™ arch design enhances midfoot support and increases foot feel.

Every step is a balancing act

DFP insoles and liners are designed to easily and accurately translate your individual architecture into an efficient, comfortable interface between you and your footwear. We employ plush and resilient thermo-moldable corks, proven shock absorbing formulations, durable and accurately molding foams, and performance fabrics to make it happen!

  • Over the course of a season we see every kind of boot fit imaginable. Because DFP's easily accommodate a wide range of foot types and athletic styles, they’re the foundation of our Custom-Fit program.

    Joe Liefer | Christy Sports
  • It doesn't matter if it's the bottom line or the finish line, I get the results I need with DFP Podium insoles.

    Bob Olsen | Owner, Mt. Hood Alpine Racing Center (ARC)

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Instructional Videos

Part 1: Molding
2 Minutes, 32 Seconds
Part 2: Finishing
2 Minutes, 32 Seconds