What Ready-Fit size is right?

The big number on the forefoot of a Blueprint or a Stomp indicates the size for a man. There's a 2 size difference between men and women. Example: A men's 6 is a women's 8. A women's 9 is a men's 7. We recommend using the same size Ready-Fit as the shoe you're putting it in. Round down for half sizes. Example: a men's 9.5 foot generally fits nicely on a 9 Ready-Fit. Don't hesitate to trim the forefoot to match it up with the length and shape of the stock insole, and to get it to lay down flat in your boot or shoe! 

Why do DFPs feel softer than some other custom insoles?

The enhanced comfort is obvious, but the main reason is actually performance! After 30 years of working with World Class athletes, we're convinced that it's imperative to still allow the foot to adjust and balance naturally when providing support. If your foot is over supported due to overly hard materials, you tend to lose "touch" and "snow feel". More is not always better when it comes to foot support in athletic footwear!

Do any famous winter athletes use DFP insoles?

Yes! We think the ultimate validation of our insoles comes from their use by all levels of athletes: weekend warrior through world recognized competitors. Since we don't pay anyone to ride our insoles, it's not kosher to advertise their names and faces. However, we're very confident in stating that DFP's are widely used by top athletes in all winter disciplines: alpine, freestyle, freeride, snowboarding, nordic and nordic combined. Those insane guys that ski off cliffs in wing suits? Them too!

Can I use my DFP custom insoles in my telemark boots or other footwear?

Yes, due to the insoles being flexible, they work very well in other footwear.

How long do insoles last?

5 years is typical. Some are still going strong after 10 years!