HD & FX Full Custom Liners

Individually molded to your feet for upgraded fit, warmth and performance!

Podium Full Custom Insoles

The superb custom foundation for your feet!

Blueprint & Stomp Ready-Fit Insoles

comfortableisfastDynamic Foot Positioning, LLC has been designing and producing innovative custom insole systems for over 20 years. The genius of DFP Insoles lie in their simplicity: fast and highly intuitive to produce for the vast majority of feet, yet easily modified for those outside the norm. Skiing or Snowboarding? Racing or Freeriding? Powder or Pack? Nordic skating or classic? There’s a DFP to upgrade the comfort, fit and performance of any type of boot. 

DFP also designs and manufactures ready-fit replacement insoles that instantly upgrade the comfort and support of general and sport specific footwear. The Blueprint family of insoles is available through retailers, medical practitioners and online. 


DFPs on the snow!